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The Man Hunt®

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​What is The Man Hunt?

       Census data indicates that African-American and Hispanic men & women born after 1950 are the least likely group to get married and statistically a single person over the age of 40 has a higher percentage

of divorce rate in the second marriage

The Man Hunt USA® is a professional matchmaking agency dedicated to dispelling the myth associated with ethnic couples by bringing together and connecting single men and women of color. We specialize in connecting northern California's most eligible single men and women to compatible potential mates looking to find love

The Man Hunt USA® : Our VIP service is not based on how much you pay, but simply by the top of the line service you receive. As an exclusive club member, we offer our clients access to premier 

unlimited date introduction packages and affordable club pricing.



​​The Matchmaking Process

Welcome to The Process. We are so glad you are here! 

The Man Hunt USA, wants to make a lasting difference in your life. How do we go about that? By finding out who you are!  

People are usually surprised at how fun the interview can be.

Schedule Of Events

(1) Information Call
In this ten minute phone conversation, we give you information on our company, talk about what you are looking for, discuss if we have what you are looking for, and answer any questions you may have. If we do have what you are looking for and you are interested in meeting with us, we schedule a no-obligation interview.

(2) The Interview
Our no-obligation interview usually lasts about sixty minutes and we go over an array of topics such as life goals, hobbies, values, religion, and past relationships. Some people may even get a new found sense of who they are and they are looking for in a significant other.

(3) We Find Your Match!
We will call you to give you all of the information about your match along with the details on when and where you will be meeting your match.

(4) Reminder Call
We call you the day prior to your match to remind you of your date.

(5) You Get to Meet Your Match!
We make reservations for you and your match to meet at one of our partnered restaurants under first names only so you will not have to mention FeaturedDate Matchmaking. If you feel inclined, be prepared to exchange contact information so you can keep in touch with your match.

(6) Feedback Call
We will call you (or you can call us) to give feedback about your date. We want to hear everything you enjoyed about your match!

Next Steps

Schedule An Initial introductory Phone call, Today!
Begin The Matching Process With A No Obligation Interview




5 benefits to using a Professional Matchmaker:    

Trust. Matchmakers make it their business to get to know you: your wants, needs and desires. It is important for them to establish trust so that you feel comfortable communicating all your wishes.    

Privacy. Your matchmaker will only introduce you to people you’re interested in and will not release your contact information or photo to anyone without your permission.

 Safety. No one wants to meet a perfect stranger. Your matchmaker has spoken with, met and checked the references of everyone you are introduced to.

 Personalized Service. Your matchmaker gets to know YOU and based on your unique personality, lifestyle, likes, dislikes and values, understands exactly who will be a suitable and rewarding match.   

 Time Saver. You don’t have to spend countless hours browsing thousands of online profiles, writing dozens of introduction emails and spending the evening alone when a promising prospect doesn’t show up for a date. Your matchmaker takes care of all the details for you allowing you to save your energy for the actual date.